About Our Catering

Hello!  Whether it be birthday party for 15, lunch meeting for 25, hotel function for 50 or wedding for 100,  we could bring Thai Peacock to you.    

We offer self-caterings for pickup between 11am-9:30pm Sun-Thurs and 11am-10pm Fri-Sat.  Delivery is available upon request.  Advance notice is recommended.  We prefer orders finalized 48 hours in advance, but we will always do our best to accommodate your Thai food needs!

Contact with questions or send us info using "catering info request form" on the right to request.  We will get back to you within 12 hours. Thank you and looking forward!














Tofu Salad Rolls     $43/20 rolls (40 pcs) $22/10 rolls (20 pcs)

Shrimp Salad Rolls     $57/20 rolls (40 pcs) $28/10 rolls (20 pcs)

Gai Satay  chicken skewers with house-made peanut sauce and cucumber salad    $36/20 skewers

Po Pia Thot  crispy vegetarian spring rolls     $25/20 pcs

Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs    $19/20 meatballs

Crab & Cream Cheese Wontons     $23/20 wontons

Gyoza chicken pot stickers     $16/20 pcs

Coconut Prawns  with house plum sauce    $30/20 pcs

Peacock Combo      $59 

crab & cream cheese wontons (10), chicken teriyaki meatballs (10),

spring rolls (10), gyoza (10), coconut prawns (10), tofu salad rolls (10 pcs) 



To-eat menu

Step 1:  Choose the Size

Half Pan  (4-6 servings)     $40

Full Pan  (8-10 servings)     $80


Step 2:  Choose the Dish

Kaeng Matsaman (VG, GF) :  Peanut curry, potato, carrot, onion.  Served with rice

*Kaeng Khiao Wan (VG, GF) :  Spicy green chili curry, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, red bell pepper, basil.   Served with rice

*Kaeng Kari (VG, GF) :  Mild spicy yellow curry, potato, carrot, onion, bell pepper.  Served with rice

*Phanaeng (VG, GF):  Panang curry, green bean, pea, carrot, bell pepper, and basil.  Served with rice. 

*Thai Peacock Curry (VG, GF):  House red curry & peanut sauce, broccoli, bell pepper, carrot.  Served with rice. 

Pad Ruam Mit:  Assorted veggies stir-fried, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, green onion, onion,

baby corn, red bell pepper, bean sprout, mushroom.  Served with rice. 

Pad Ka-Phrao:  Holy basil stir-fried with your choice of minced chicken, pork, or tofu, garlic, green bean.  Served with rice.   $42/$84

Pad Med Mamuang:  Roasted cashew nut stir-fried with chili jam, onion, carrot, bell pepper, and mushroom.  Served with rice.

Pre Ram:  Steamed broccoli, cabbage, carrot, bamboo shoot, mushroom and baby corn, topped with peanut sauce.  Served with rice.

Pad Kra-Thiam:  garlic white pepper stir fried, bell pepper, cilantro, green onion,

steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrot.  Served with rice.

Pad Thai:  Thai rice noodle, egg, bean sprout, red & green onion, and ground peanut

Pad Se Ew:  Wide rice noodle, egg, Chinese broccoli, and carrot in sweet soy sauce

Pad Khi Mao:  Wide rice noodle, bell pepper, onion, tomato, holy basil

Khao Pad:  Classic fried rice, egg, tomato pea and carrot, green onion, cilantro

Khao Pad Ka-Phrao:  Holy basil fried rice, garlic, egg, bell pepper, onion

Khao Pad Sapporod:  Pineapple fried rice, egg, curry powder, raisin, cashew nut, pea, carrot, green onion, red bell pepper    $44/$88


Step 3:  Choose What Meat to Top with

Mixed Veggies, Tofu, Pork, Chicken or Beef